5 Best Cheap Solar Panels (2023 Cost & Efficiency Guide)

5 Best Cheap Solar Panels (2023 Cost & Efficiency Guide)

In this guide on cheap solar panels, you’ll learn:

  • What do you lose when you get cheap solar panels?
  • Will cheap solar panels actually give you a higher ROI?
  • What are other options to save money when going solar?
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What Are the Best Cheap Solar Panels for Your Home?

Solar technology is improving each year, which has helped to drive down the cost of going solar. However, there is a still a decent range in price between the cheapest solar panels and the most expensive options.

Whether you’re a homeowner who’s trying to work within a fixed budget or you’re a frugal shopper who appreciates a great value, low-cost solar panels may very well be the best option for your home.

Below, we’ve listed the best affordable solar panels that are on the market today. Continue reading for more details about each of these, as well as what you should know before purchasing one.

  1. Renogy 100W 12 Volt Solar Panel (Read more)
  2. LONGi #LR6-60-HPB-350M: Most Intelligent (Read more)
  3. Canadian Solar Model #CS1H-315MS: Most Powerful (Read more)
  4. Silfab Solar – SIL-330 NL: Best Value (Read more)
  5. LONGi #LR4-60-HPH-360M: Most Versatile (Read more)
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Compare the Top-Rated Cheap Solar Panels

Below are the five of the cheapest photovoltaic solar panels (that are rated at least 100W) on the market. Bear in mind that the current industry minimum for solar panels capable of powering a home is around 300W.

Panels between 100W and 300W may be suitable for DIY solar projects, off-grid systems and charging things like portable generators or small appliances. Note that prices and availability fluctuate with inventory, demand and supply chain issues. Prices change often when vendors have surplus supply, so sales are frequent.

Customers will not be able to purchase some brands’ panels directly, as they must be ordered from a distributor.

Cheap Solar Panel Price Per Panel Power Rating Price Per Watt Efficiency Rating Warranty
Renogy 100W 12 Volt Solar Panel $125 100W $1.25 21% 1-year materials warranty
LONGi #LR6-60-HPB-350M $225 350W $0.60 20.3% Limited 25-year warranty
Canadian Solar Model #CS1H-315MS $225 315W $0.71 18.68% 25-year output warranty
Silfab Solar – SIL-330 NL $250 330W $0.76 17.3% 12 year module warranty
LONGi #LR4-60-HPH-360M $260 360W $0.72 19.8% 25-year output warranty

To get an accurate idea of what panels are best for your home, connect with one of our preferred partners below.

Cheap vs Affordable Solar Panels

There’s a key distinction between cheap solar panels and the most affordable solar panels. Cheap considers only the price tag. Affordability involves factors beyond initial price, such as price per watt (aka bang for your buck), efficiency of the panel and warranty.

A cheap solar panel isn’t worth anything if it breaks without a warranty to replace it.  The cost of a solar panel is set by the manufacturer and involves a variety of factors, from cost of production to expected lifetime. Let’s break down the factors that go into solar panel costs.

Solar Panel Efficiency

The greater a panel’s efficiency, the more energy each solar cell’s power output will be. Efficiency matters, as a homeowner will have to buy far fewer panels to meet their energy needs with higher-efficiency panels. The most solar efficient panels usually cost more to manufacture, raising their price point and total installed cost.

Solar Panel Power

The power, or wattage, of a solar panel reflects how many watts (W) of energy the panel is capable of generating when producing at maximum capacity. Most modern residential solar panels have power factors between 300 and 350W.

As is true with high-efficiency panels, a customer needs to purchase fewer panels overall if they have a higher power output. While they’ll typically have a greater upfront cost, high-output panels will provide better value over time.

Solar Panel Warranty

A warranty is simple to understand, yet no less important to consider. Bearing in mind that the average lifetime of a solar panel system is about 25 years, warranties are essential in ensuring reliable energy output. Though solar panels are very durable, a lot can happen over 25 years.

Falling tree branches can crack a panel, rooftop critters can chew up wiring and untreated water damage can corrode a system. Some of the cheapest panels will come with the worst warranties, and costs can add up quickly if a solar power system runs into trouble.

Solar Panel Quality

Similar to solar panel efficiency and power, the cost of a solar panel has much to do with its quality. The cheapest solar panels on the market will be of the poorest quality, making them far more prone to breaks, issues and quick aging. The higher the quality of the parts in a solar panel, the more expensive it becomes. However, this is just another time when “cheap” panels are far from the most affordable solar panels in the long run.

Watch Below: One of the main tradeoffs when trying to find a cheap solar panel system is the expected lifespan. So while these will save you money upfront, you may still see a lower ROI if they don’t last as long as a more expensive panel would.

Compare the Solar Panels with the Highest Value

With all this in mind, below are our recommendations for the most affordable home solar panels on the market in 2022.

Most Affordable Solar Panel Price Per Panel Power Rating Price Per Watt Efficiency Rating Warranty
LONGi #LR6-60-HPB-350M $225 350W $0.60 20.3% Limited 25-year warranty
Hanwha Q Cell 340W Q.PEAK DUO $240 340W $0.70 19% 25-year warranty
Canadian Solar Model #CS1H-315MS $225 315W $0.71 18.68% 25-year output warranty
LONGi #LR4-60-HPH-360M $260 360W $0.72 19.8% 25-year output warranty
JA Solar Technology JAM60S10 -340/MR $240 330 $0.73 20.2% 25-year output warranty

LONGi and Q Cell solar panels are two of the most affordable solar brands that maintain reputations for good quality at a low price. As you can see, they both provide exceptional price per watt and efficiency without sacrificing warranty.  A solar installation with low price per watt and high efficiency provides a number of benefits for a solar customer.

With more power and efficiency per panel, a homeowner won’t need to purchase as many panels to meet their household energy needs.

cheap solar panels on a house's roof

Bottom Line: Are Cheap Solar Panels Worth It?

The cheapest panels are typically manufactured in China (with the U.S. and Germany close behind), and some are cheap for a reason. They can come with underlying issues, most concerningly in the form of environmental and workers rights violations in their production process.

Cheap solar panels also tend to be less durable and will likely come with a shorter lifespan. In fact, the cheapest upfront options sometimes end up to be the most expensive in the long run. A good comparison is buying a car. Though the cheap initial cost of a beater may be the most tempting, frequent repairs, poor gas mileage and checkups can outweigh the initial savings within a few short years.

However, for those whose most important consideration is price, there are still some good options for cheap solar panels on the market today to turn your home into a renewable energy source.

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Methodology: How We Reviewed the Best Cheap Solar Panels

In choosing our rankings, we carefully researched many types of solar panels from the industry’s top manufacturers, evaluating them according to several criteria. Some of the factors we used to arrive at our rankings include:

Efficiency (20%)

The efficiency rating of a solar panel refers to the amount of captured sunlight that it can actually convert into useful energy. Keep in mind that solar panel efficiency tops out just over 20%, and generally speaking, the most efficient solar panels will yield the greatest energy savings for your home. As a rule of thumb, the less space you have for solar panels, the more you’ll want to look for high-efficiency panels to get the most from your solar energy system.

Durability (20%)

Solar panels represent a significant investment, and naturally, homeowners want to select products that are going to hold up over time. This means you’ll want to buy solar panels that are made to be durable and to withstand even intense weather.

Warranty (20%)

A good, lengthy performance warranty can give you peace of mind after you purchase residential solar panels. In the solar industry, a decent warranty may last anywhere from 10 to 25 years.

Price Point (20%)

Naturally, you will want to consider your budget before investing in solar panels. The cost of solar panels can fluctuate based on many factors. As you think about a panel’s price tag, however, also keep in mind things like durability, efficiency and warranty, which provide you a fuller sense of overall value.

Temperature Coefficient (10%)

Another important ranking factor is temperature coefficient. With solar panels, temperature coefficient refers to how much (or how little) the panel’s productivity is diminished when the external temperature rises. How solar panels work in extreme heat plays a key role in year-round energy production.

Sustainability (5%)

Yes, solar panels all contribute to generating clean energy, but not all are created equal when it comes to sustainability. For example, SunPower panels (made by Maxeon) are one of the only brands on this list designed with circular economics in mind, thereby conserving rare minerals and reducing e-waste. We take sustainability into account when making our rankings.

Aesthetics (5%)

We certainly don’t think so, but a lot of homeowners out there think solar panels are ugly, and are therefore hesitant to install them on their home. These homeowners are likely thinking of solar panels that are decades old and still have silver frames and blue faces. However, we still take into account the sleekness of a solar panel in giving our ratings.

FAQs: Cheap Solar Panels

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